About Barbara Read And CatBeep

Hey there! I’m Barbara Read, but you can just call me Barb. Welcome to my cozy corner of the web, CatBeep.com. Ever since I was a kiddo, I’ve been head over heels for cats. Their cheeky antics, those purring cuddle sessions, and, let’s be honest, even their occasional diva moments. Fast forward to today, and I’m living the dream with three furballs ruling my home. Each one’s a character, and they’re the real muses behind the tales and tips you’ll find here.

Barbara Read Linkedin
Barbara Read Linkedin

So, why CatBeep.com? Well, besides being a full-time cat enthusiast, I’ve been working my tail off (pun intended) with some amazing shelters. We’re all about helping whiskered pals find their forever homes. Every time a cat gets adopted, it feels like a mini victory party! And through this site, I want to sprinkle a bit of that joy, share some stories, and maybe help you find or understand your feline buddy a bit better.

Now, I might not have a fancy vet degree, but trust me, living with cats and working alongside shelters has been quite the education. From the mischievous kitten zoomies to the wise, old cat naps, I’ve seen it all. And the magic? It’s in seeing a once-shy kitty blossom in a loving home or watching someone’s face light up when they meet their new feline friend.

So, whether you’re a seasoned cat parent, thinking about adopting, or just here for some good ol’ cat content, I hope CatBeep.com feels like a friendly chat over coffee (or catnip tea!). Every kitty has its own little tale, and I’m stoked to share, listen, and be a part of this whiskered journey with you.

Thanks for popping by! Dive into the stories, share your own, and let’s celebrate the purrfect world of cats together. 🐾