Are Ragdoll Cats Friendly?

Ragdolls are an affectionate, gentle breed of cat. They have a tendency to be more relaxed and laid back than most other breeds of cats. This can make them seem less fussy about their surroundings. It is important to note that just because they are nonchalant does not mean they do not care! Ragdoll cats …

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Can Cats Smile

Can Cats Smile?

Although many people regard them as inscrutable and mysterious, cats can be the most wonderfully expressive creatures. Every part of a cat can convey some kind of emotion, from their ears and whiskers to their agile tails. The ways that cats communicate information aren’t quite the same as the ones humans use, however, and a …

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Can Cats Move Their Eyes

Can Cats Move Their Eyes?

Cats’ eyes are among the most unique eyes in the world. They are a true masterpiece of nature and formidable tools of vision. The eyes have vertical pupils that can open and close quickly like a camera’s aperture. Cats are nocturnal predators, meaning their eyes can adapt to both daytime and night vision. Cat’s eyes …

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Can Cats Read

Can Cats Read?

Despite being one of the most popular pets in the world, cats have not received the same attention from scientists as dogs. There are a few results for scientific research on cats, with most of it focusing on the biological traits than it does on cat behaviour. We know that cats are smart, and although …

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Can Cats Drink Alcohol

Can Cats Drink Alcohol?

Cats should never drink alcohol. Which includes beer, wine, liquor, whiskey, vodka, etc. Alcohol has similar effects on the brains and livers of cats as it does on us humans. Only that it takes far less alcohol to cause irreparable damage to a cat than it does to a human. So, can cats drink alcohol? …

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Can Cats See Infrared?

Can Cats See Infrared?

Many cat owners feel that their cats can see objects that are invisible to them. Cats have an interesting vision and it is normal to have questions. Even though human beings cannot see infrared light, it is visible to some animals. Can cats see infrared? No, they cannot. Even though your cat may see things …

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Can Cats Whiskers Grow Back

Can Cats Whiskers Grow Back?

Cat’s whiskers are also known as vibrissae. They are sturdy and thick hairs sprouting from the cat’s face, but most importantly they are important sensory organs directly connected to the cat’s nerve endings. The senses on the whiskers are so strong that the cat can feel what is in front of it even without touching …

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