Can cats be autistic

Can cats be autistic?

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a fellow cat-owner about our kitties and their general health. Since we’re conscientious pet parents, our cats get their annual checkups and vaccinations on schedule every year. My friend was worried, however. She didn’t want to leave her sweet orange tabby unprotected — but she was …

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What Do Cats Think About

What Do Cats Think About?

Cats often seem like they don’t have much to do. It’s either they are sleeping, eating, licking themselves, or just staring into space. Unlike dogs that seem to have so many responsibilities, our feline friends don’t really do much. This kind of leaves them with little to think about. So, are their minds usually blank …

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Can Cats Drink Coffee

Can Cats Drink Coffee?

Cats tend to gravitate towards whatever their owners are eating and drinking. This can be frustrating, especially when your feline companion has her own water dish and a full bowl of food sitting in the kitchen. Why does your cat insist on trying to drink your cappuccino or steal your sandwich when she has the …

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Can cats swim

Can cats swim?

Cats hate water. That’s a given — or is it? The stereotype of the water-hating cat does have a grain or two of truth to it. It’s certainly true that most cats are at least a little hesitant around water, while some seem outright terrified of it. As anyone who’s tried to give their reluctant …

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Can cats have bananas

Can cats have bananas?

Cats can have some very peculiar eating habits. I’ve known two cats who would beg plaintively for frozen peas, one who was obsessed with noodles and several who would practically tear your arm off for just a sliver of cheddar cheese. My friend’s rescue cat, who once lived as a stray on the streets of …

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Ragdoll Cat Colors

Ragdoll Cat Colors…

With their silky pelts in appealing colors, bright blue eyes and affectionate natures, Ragdoll cats have had a strong following since their introduction in 1971. The most notable characteristic of the breed is a tendency among some individuals to become limp and doll-like when picked up and held. Ragdolls are some of the most docile …

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