Can Cats Laugh

Can Cats Laugh?

If you have ever had a cat as a pet you know that they have a wicked sense of humour for sure. I certainly have experienced their playfulness and mischievousness. However, that is not the question at hand. The question is whether cats are physically able to laugh. That is a question worth pondering. Scientific …

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Can Cats Drink Orange Juice

Can Cats Drink Orange Juice

Many cat owners like sharing their plate with their feline friends. Luckily, cats can eat a wide variety of human food. However, being carnivores, their first choice is likely to be meat. Most of them are indifferent to fruits, although there are a few exceptions. Your cat will be intrigued by what you eat, so …

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Can Cats Use Human Shampoo

Can Cats Use Human Shampoo

It’s well known that cats are meticulous groomers. Watch your cat on any given day and you’ll spot him licking himself from head to tail. A cat has ample flexibility, a barbed tongue that acts as little combs, as well as saliva that functions as a natural detergent. All of these features allow it to …

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Can Cats Have Smoked Salmon

Can Cats Have Smoked Salmon

Salmon contains numerous vitamins, omega 3 acids, proteins, and minerals, which is why it’s considered really healthy for human consumption. This tasty and nutritious brain food is also recommended to people battling depression, stress, and those who are diabetic. But does all this nutritional value apply to our feline friends? Well, cats seem to like …

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Can Cats Open Doors

Can Cats Open Doors?

Cats like scratching on doors, probably to sharpen their claws or make humans open them. As a cat parent, I have noticed my cats lurk around open doors a lot. Every time I open any door, they are always the first ones to leap through. This is evident in many cats; they dislike closed doors. …

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Can Cats Talk To Each Other

Can Cats Talk To Each Other?

Cat phonetics consists of much more than just meowing. It involves complex combinations of vocalization, body language, and scent cues. This makes it difficult for us as humans to understand the feline language since we tend to pay more attention to vocalized communication. Moreover, cats have smaller features, making it difficult to observe their body …

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Can Cats Mate With Dogs

Can Cats Mate With Dogs?

Some dogs and cats owners may wonder if they can mate. Even though cats and dogs don’t get along, you may be curious. The myth of cats mating with dogs has been the fuel for numerous jokes, cartoons, and movies. In this article, I will address that question. Can cats mate with dogs? No, they …

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Is It Cruel to Shave a Cat

Is It Cruel to Shave a Cat?

Does shaving off the fur coat of a cat cause the pet pain in any way? Well, it depends on various circumstances. A cat’s fur serves a number of useful purposes including protecting the pet’s skin from injuries and sunburns. However, shaving a cat’s fur coat is sometimes very necessary. So, is shaving a cat …

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