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Can Cats Move Their Eyes

Can Cats Move Their Eyes?

Cats’ eyes are among the most unique eyes in the world. They are a true masterpiece of nature and formidable tools of vision. The eyes have vertical pupils that can open and close quickly like a camera’s aperture. Cats are nocturnal predators, meaning their eyes can adapt to both daytime and night vision. Cat’s eyes …

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Can Cats Drink Alcohol

Can Cats Drink Alcohol?

Cats should never drink alcohol. Which includes beer, wine, liquor, whiskey, vodka, etc. Alcohol has similar effects on the brains and livers of cats as it does on us humans. Only that it takes far less alcohol to cause irreparable damage to a cat than it does to a human. So, can cats drink alcohol? …

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Can Cats Whiskers Grow Back

Can Cats Whiskers Grow Back?

Cat’s whiskers are also known as vibrissae. They are sturdy and thick hairs sprouting from the cat’s face, but most importantly they are important sensory organs directly connected to the cat’s nerve endings. The senses on the whiskers are so strong that the cat can feel what is in front of it even without touching …

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can cats use dog shampoo

Can Cats Use Dog Shampoo?

If a shampoo is safe for dogs, can cats also use it? Probably not. Although both cats and dogs have similar needs of having their coats maintained for health purposes, their coats are different. Using dog shampoo on cats can compromise the health of your feline friend. Still not convinced? Can cats use dog shampoo? …

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Can cats drink tea

Can cats drink tea?

If you’re a cat guardian, you’re already aware of the immutable rules of the feline world. Books were made to be sat on, litter must immediately be used as soon as it’s been changed and anything a human is eating must be delicious. This, unfortunately, applies to lots of things that really aren’t very good …

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Can Cats Drink Orange Juice

Can Cats Drink Orange Juice

Many cat owners like sharing their plate with their feline friends. Luckily, cats can eat a wide variety of human food. However, being carnivores, their first choice is likely to be meat. Most of them are indifferent to fruits, although there are a few exceptions. Your cat will be intrigued by what you eat, so …

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Can Cats Use Human Shampoo

Can Cats Use Human Shampoo

It’s well known that cats are meticulous groomers. Watch your cat on any given day and you’ll spot him licking himself from head to tail. A cat has ample flexibility, a barbed tongue that acts as little combs, as well as saliva that functions as a natural detergent. All of these features allow it to …

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Is It Cruel to Shave a Cat

Is It Cruel to Shave a Cat?

Does shaving off the fur coat of a cat cause the pet pain in any way? Well, it depends on various circumstances. A cat’s fur serves a number of useful purposes including protecting the pet’s skin from injuries and sunburns. However, shaving a cat’s fur coat is sometimes very necessary. So, is shaving a cat …

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