Cat Behaviour

Do cats eat mice

Do cats eat mice?

Cats have so many winsome and appealing traits: their affectionate natures, their playful antics, their soft, fluffy fur; the way they rub against your legs or curl up on your lap to purr. They also have a few somewhat less savoury qualities, one of which is their tendency to chase and often kill any small …

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Do cats remember people?

Do cats remember people?

To hear conventional wisdom tell it, cats are largely indifferent to humans. If they deign to recognize their owners, the story goes, it’s only because they know they can go to those people when they want something: food, comfort or protection. The truth is far more nuanced. Cats do indeed form lasting and meaningful attachments, …

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How high can a cat jump?

How High Can A Cat Jump?

Cats are capable of some breathtaking feats of athletics. There’s the “I’ve caught a nice fat vole and my owner’s coming after me” dash, the “Just heard the fridge opening” sprint, the 3 am hallway marathon and, of course, the “I was on top of this cat tree first” wrestling match. As well as these …

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