Cat Behaviour

Can Cats Laugh

Can Cats Laugh?

If you have ever had a cat as a pet you know that they have a wicked sense of humour for sure. I certainly have experienced their playfulness and mischievousness. However, that is not the question at hand. The question is whether cats are physically able to laugh. That is a question worth pondering. Scientific …

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Can Cats Open Doors

Can Cats Open Doors?

Cats like scratching on doors, probably to sharpen their claws or make humans open them. As a cat parent, I have noticed my cats lurk around open doors a lot. Every time I open any door, they are always the first ones to leap through. This is evident in many cats; they dislike closed doors. …

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Can Cats Talk To Each Other

Can Cats Talk To Each Other?

Cat phonetics consists of much more than just meowing. It involves complex combinations of vocalization, body language, and scent cues. This makes it difficult for us as humans to understand the feline language since we tend to pay more attention to vocalized communication. Moreover, cats have smaller features, making it difficult to observe their body …

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Can Cats Mate With Dogs

Can Cats Mate With Dogs?

Some dogs and cats owners may wonder if they can mate. Even though cats and dogs don’t get along, you may be curious. The myth of cats mating with dogs has been the fuel for numerous jokes, cartoons, and movies. In this article, I will address that question. Can cats mate with dogs? No, they …

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Can cats see TV

Can cats see TV?

You’ve probably seen those videos online where a hapless pet cat attempts to hunt and kill a spider or mouse on a tablet or computer monitor. It’s entertaining for us to watch as the cat frantically tries to catch the creature on the screen, sometimes attempting to follow it onto the floor or searching behind …

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Can cats be autistic

Can cats be autistic?

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a fellow cat-owner about our kitties and their general health. Since we’re conscientious pet parents, our cats get their annual checkups and vaccinations on schedule every year. My friend was worried, however. She didn’t want to leave her sweet orange tabby unprotected — but she was …

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What Do Cats Think About

What Do Cats Think About?

Cats often seem like they don’t have much to do. It’s either they are sleeping, eating, licking themselves, or just staring into space. Unlike dogs that seem to have so many responsibilities, our feline friends don’t really do much. This kind of leaves them with little to think about. So, are their minds usually blank …

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Can cats swim

Can cats swim?

Cats hate water. That’s a given — or is it? The stereotype of the water-hating cat does have a grain or two of truth to it. It’s certainly true that most cats are at least a little hesitant around water, while some seem outright terrified of it. As anyone who’s tried to give their reluctant …

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