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Barbara Read - Cat owner, researcher and behavioural expert. Cats are not only fantastic pets but also wonderful and complex animals with great personalities. It takes time and effort to learn their behaviour but its completely worth it.

Can Cat Walk Backwards

Can Cats Walk Backwards

There are so many fascinating facts about cats and their amazing abilities. This raises many questions about the extent of their abilities and what they cannot do. If you are a cat parent or cat lover, this article is meant for you. Today, I have gathered information on whether cats can walk backwards. Do you …

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can cats use dog shampoo

Can Cats Use Dog Shampoo?

If a shampoo is safe for dogs, can cats also use it? Probably not. Although both cats and dogs have similar needs of having their coats maintained for health purposes, their coats are different. Using dog shampoo on cats can compromise the health of your feline friend. Still not convinced? Can cats use dog shampoo? …

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Can Cats Kill Snakes

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to get rid of snakes? The idea of getting a few cats may have crossed your mind. In this article, I will help you understand if that is a good idea. Can cats kill snakes? The simple answer is yes. However, it is a little more complicated …

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Can Cats Smell Cancer

Can Cats Smell Cancer?

Cats are known to have a strong sense of smell. If they keep pawing at a specific part of your body, you may be concerned. Dogs are said to have a strong sense of smell that can detect cancer. Is it the same for cats? Can cats smell cancer? Yes, they can. Their strong olfactory …

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can cats eat prawns

Can cats eat prawns?

The ideal feline diet is one based on animal protein. Most people understand this. The next question is, which animals? For my cats, I like to choose meats that are closer to the animals a feral cat might consume — you wouldn’t see a colony of cats running down a cow or sheep. Birds, in …

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Can cats drink tea

Can cats drink tea?

If you’re a cat guardian, you’re already aware of the immutable rules of the feline world. Books were made to be sat on, litter must immediately be used as soon as it’s been changed and anything a human is eating must be delicious. This, unfortunately, applies to lots of things that really aren’t very good …

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Can cats sense sadness

Can cats sense sadness?

Cats — well, some cats — seem to have a truly uncanny sixth sense when it comes to human emotions. Some cats need to be attached to their owners before they care very much about what we may or may not be feeling. I’ve met other cats, though, who seemed to care passionately about the …

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Can cats cry tears

Can cats cry tears?

You’ve probably seen those images of teary-eyed cats online. Sad-eyed kitties are used to illustrate emotional reactions to various common situations. It should be fairly evident that these images have been heavily edited but some people are still curious about the emotions they show. Do cats actually cry? Do the pictures show real tears, just …

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